A day of thanks

A brief and incomplete list of things I am grateful for today:

  1. Date nights with my beautiful wife
  2. The laughter of my children
  3. Coffee
  4. The power of deep breathing
  5. Spending the holiday weekend with family
  6. An understanding of Real Love
  7. A comfortable bed
  8. My Kindle Paperwhite
  9. Air conditioning and heat
  10. Love of reading
  11. Friends to share life with
  12. Listening to great music
  13. Pandora radio
  14. Mindfulness
  15. Lunches at Chipotle
  16. Every single one of my in-laws (some of our closest friends)
  17. Wine, craft beer and margaritas
  18. A great school for my children to attend
  19. The power of education
  20. Airplanes which enable such effortless long-distance travel
  21. The many mentors and authors who have taught and inspired me (the “giants” upon whose shoulders we stand)
  22. My MacBook Pro
  23. Dinner at Pappasitos last night
  24. Modern medicine
  25. Saltgrass seasoning
  26. Sunshine and fresh air
  27. Coloring with my kids
  28. Meditation
  29. Doctors, nurses, police, firefighters and others who protect life
  30. Those who work thankless but necessary jobs
  31. My PlayStation4
  32. Learning to accept, rather than resist or cling
  33. The Internet
  34. Pizza
  35. Places I have been privileged to visit
  36. Photography (and modern cameras)
  37. Clean water
  38. My wife’s recipe for Thanksgiving cranberries

May you look around today — and every day — and find many things to be thankful for. 🙂

May you also not judge yourself if, upon retrospect, that list happens to include an unintentional emphasis upon food. 😉

Chris Aram

I'm one-half of Webster Park Digital. I'm a devoted family man, avid reader, coffee snob, fajita-eater and professional PlayStation4 dabbler.