“Just this”

Our minds wander. Constantly.

Particularly in the West, we suffer from “monkey mind” (including this Westerner). Many of us have forgotten what it’s like to have a clear mind which is occupied only with the present moment.

There are a couple of problems with monkey mind.

First, it’s exhausting. Imagine running all day, every day, your legs never stopping. You would fall over, completely spent. Your mind is the same way; left unchecked, it will exhaust itself.

Second, perhaps more importantly, it robs us of the ability to be fully in the present moment, whatever that is, whomever we’re with. To enjoy this, exactly as it is right now. Even if we’re doing nothing, by ourselves.

“Just this.”

These two words are a simple reminder to return to the present moment. In speaking them to yourself, you affirm to yourself that there is only the here and now.

The present moment is life itself.

There is no yesterday. No tomorrow.

No resisting life as is (or clinging to it either).

No “later on, I’ll ____”. No “oh shit, why did I ____”

Just this.

This moment, here and now.

Chris Aram

I'm one-half of Webster Park Digital. I'm a devoted family man, avid reader, coffee snob, fajita-eater and professional PlayStation4 dabbler.